Filmy Bahas
Filmy-Bahas is a rendezvous for filmy dialogue, discussion and debate. With its origin in Islamic theological debate and having its expression in the rich folk-mystic musical tradition of Bangladesh, Bahas is an age-old form of creative debate that addresses dialectical dynamics with inclusiveness and plurality. And, Filmy Bahas is a platform to bring parallel school of thoughts in contrast to the stereo-typed formula films.
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Filmy-Bahas organized ‘Tareque Masud Masters Class’ in fond memory of prominent Bangladeshi Filmamker Tareuqe Masud (1955-2011), where Berlin-based-Russian Master Filmmaker Victor Kossakovosky and French Maestro Claire Denis was invited in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Travelling Film South Asia (TSFA’) DHAKA

In February 2010, BEGINNING organized Traveling Film South Asia 2010 Dhaka – with 12 Outstanding Documentaries from Our Region, in collaboration of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) and South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR). These films were selected from the 35 films screened in the competitive section of Film South Asia ’09, the 7th edition of the festival of South Asian documentaries held in Katmandu from 17-20 October 2009. The selection was carried out in consultation with FSA’09’s three-member jury, chaired by Chennai- based cultural critic Sadanand Menon.

ShadhinotaSHADHINOTA: Film Festival celebrating the spirit of Independence

Celebrating the spirit of independence, in 2009 and 2010 BEGINNING organized “Shadhinota: Independence Day Film Festival”, in association with Star Cineplex, the premium multiplex cinema theatre in Bangladesh. Apart from film screening, presence and lively participation by filmmakers, artists, human rights activists, writer, columnist and many more made the occasions memorable one to the audience.